“We didn’t expect it, but Jim actually made learning about  fundraising fun.”
Dr. Kellen Kee McIntyre
Executive Director, Bihl Haus Arts
"The session helped put fundraising into context and clarified the role of the board, while dispelling fears and myths. The role-playing exercises were especially effective in letting our board members understand what asks are really about.“ 
Dr. Adriana Contreras
Executive Director, San Antonio Education Partnership
“There was instant chemistry between Jim and our board and staff, opening the door to heightened effectiveness and results.”
Matt Reedy
Board Chair, SASTEMIC
“We began to envision concrete steps we could take as board members to develop private resources to advance the mission.”
Kathleen Weir Vale
Chair, San Antonio Symphony Society
“The three hours just flew by as board and staff began to view fundraising in a positive and refreshing light.”
Marine O’Nell
Executive Director, San Antonio Pets Alive!
“As soon as the workshop was over, we had a complete summary of discussion highlights and assignments to guide us to the next steps. Jim is very engaging and inclusive in his process and in the meeting”
Angela White
CEO, Alpha Home
“Board members came alive and couldn’t wait to start fundraising after the workshop."
Kathleen de Leon
Sembradores Of San Antonio Education Foundation
“The workshop facilitated by Jim Eskin enabled us to take a proactive and intentional approach to identifying, cultivating and soliciting donors.”
Bishop John W. Yanta
Chair, Polish Heritage Center at Panna Maria Foundation
“We’ve had some of the biggest names in philanthropy serve as our keynote speakers, but Jim stood out in the way he connected with the audience, and left us ready to play more personal and active roles in fundraising.”
Colleen Dawson Stewart
Host Committee, Community Philanthropy Summit, Lodi, CA
“We were reminded that every board member can and should play a personal role in securing the financial viability of our mission.”
Dona Liston
Chair, St. Paul’s Montessori Episcopal School
“We’re gearing up for a historic capital campaign, and the workshop was a terrific investment in preparing our leadership to meet the challenge without development staff.”
Donna Irwin Carmona
President, Junior League of El Paso

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